City Court

Amy Muhammad

Amy Muhammad
PD Administrative Assistant

Phone: (706) 547-3232

Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson
Presiding Judge

Wrens Municipal Court is held in the Wrens City Hall Annex Building. If you wish to post a cash bond for your citation in lieu of appearing in the Municipal Court of the City of Wrens, you must pay the fine in full before your court date.

If you do not post a cash bond, you must appear in the Wrens Municipal Court on your court date and be prepared to pay the fine in full if found guilty, plus court costs.

There is a dress code for court appearances no shorts, tank tops, t-shirts or flip flops allowed. Women must wear dresses, shirts or long pants. Men must wear long pants. No children under the age of 10 is allowed in the court room. If your citation is for a License, Insurance or Tag Violation, please bring proof of valid driver's license, tag registration or insurance coverage with you to court.

You may mail the fine to:
Wrens Municipal Court
PO Box 125,
Wrens GA 30833

Be sure you mail your cash bond early enough for it to be received prior to your court date. No personal checks are accepted; money order or certified cashier's check only. Do not mail cash. You can pay online at or 1-877-685-4495 to pay by phone. If you fail either to post a cash bond or to appear in the Municipal Court on the assigned court appearance date, you may be subject to suspension of your driver's license. Additionally, a bench warrant for your arrest may be issued if you fail to appear.

401 East Broad St.

Wrens Georgia 30833